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[share_ebook] Knaves Wager - Loretta Chase

作者: Loretta Chase

日期: 1991

页数: 236

出版社: Avon Books

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share_ebook Knaves Wager Loretta Chase

Knaves Wager
Loretta Chase | Avon Books | 1991 | 236 pages | English | PDF

One of my rare five-stars goes to this old Regency by Loretta Chase, which I prefer to her LORD OF SCOUNDRELS (published more recently). The story is slightly unusual, in that there are three romances developing (or unwinding) simultaneously, but the author (and thus the reader) always keeps the primary romance up front. Since this is a very old book, I will offer a brief summary. The heroine Lilith is a widow who blames a libertine Marquess for the death of her husband, after years of dissipation in London. She has spent the years of her widowhood bringing out her husband''s nieces and marrying them off more suitably (and kindly) than their own parents would have. However, Lilith is running out of money... but she insists on repaying a debt of honor, making life more difficult for herself. What is a newly impecunious widow to do? Well, if she wants to keep bringing out her surrogate daughters (her husband''s nieces), she can only ensure this by marrying a highly eligible - and dull - suitor. This is just the beginning of a fascinating story, in which the Marquess in question seeks to remove a young cousin from the claws of a mistress and would-be wife, where this same cousin falls for one of the heroine''s protegees, and where we see an amazing amount of development in the characters, as they grow and mature through their experiences. There are no cardboard villains, no too-saintly hero and heroine, but no too-stupid-to-live persons either. Everything that happens is quite believable (well, almost entirely), and what results is a charming comedy of manners and morals. If you love Georgette Heyer, you might like this book. It does not have Heyer''s ironic wit and richer panoply of characters, but there is something Heyeresque about this story, which is yet uniquely the work of Loretta Chase. From my perspective, Loretta Chase is one of the more skilful and knowledgeable Regency writers, who rarely makes mistakes in the tone of the period, not to mention such things as titles or events.


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