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iStack Training Facebook Mastery Live(2017)

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iStack Training Facebook Mastery Live 2017

iStack Training Facebook Mastery Live(2017)



There are a million ways to make money from the internet. iStack Training's cutting-edge knowledge of these tactics is furnished by our performance marketing community, made up of 1000s of successful marketers, teachers and thought leaders.

We've gathered the world's biggest Facebook ad spenders together for the top one-day training event of 2017.

James Van Elswyk - Purpleleads

How a Coffee Break With a Facebook Campaign Manager Increased Profit By 143 Percent in 1 Day

Mikael Yang - Manychat

Email is Dead. 1-Hour Build Your First Messenger Bot Workshop

Steven Kuhn - Laybag and Trustbag

How Using Intuition and Not a Professional Marketing Agency Made us 1M€ in 1 Week

Paul Jeyapal - Synapse Media Group

7 Techniques Super Affiliates Are Silently Using to Crush Facebook Ads

Maria Claudio - Head of Performance at Facebook

Assessing the Algorithm Panel

+ Much More!

Unleash Facebook's Unlimited Power for Profit You Get: Strategies, Tactics, Case Studies a Results

There are hundreds of courses out there that can teach you how to set up basic Facebook advertising campaigns - how to place a pixel, build an audience etc.

The Facebook Master Class is the only one that shows you step-by-step, the advanced tactics and strategies of performance marketing power users who drive tens of millions of dollars in revenue from Facebook Marketing every year.

Buy five step-by-step, over the shoulder lessons from marketing masters on how to go from zero to profit with native ads, ecommerce, copywritting, Facebook Ads, and affiliate automation.

Ezra Firestone

Breaking into Ecommerce

Drew Eric Whitman

Ultimate Affiliate Copywriting

Hugh Hancock

Affiliate Automation Bootcamp


Facebook CPA - Making it Reign

Tom Claflin

1-Hour Native Profits

Buy All Five Modules in the All-Star Acceleration Pack

Content available July 1st

iStack Training Facebook Mastery Live 2017

iStack Training Facebook Mastery Live 2017[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]

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