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作者 / 读者 / 时间最近浏览 游戏开发 类电子图书:

  1. by Cameron Browne / 0 / 14:46[share_ebook] Evolutionary Game Design (SpringerBriefs in Computer Science) - Cameron Browne
  2. by Tom Miller / 0 / 14:42[share_ebook] Beginning 3D Game Programming
  3. by Mike Wasson and Peter Turcan / 501 / 14:39Fundamentals of Audio and Video Programming for Games
  4. by Mike McShaffry / 815 / 14:38Game Coding Complete
  5. by Adobe Creative Team / 0 / 14:36[share_ebook] Adobe Illustrator CS2 Classroom in a Book (CD-Rom Included)
  6. 0 / 14:25The Piping Guide: For the Design and Drafting of Industrial Piping Systems
  7. by Alan Thorn / 0 / 14:25[share_ebook] Cross Platform Game Development: Make PC Games for Windows, Linux and Mac (Wordware Game Developer's Library) - Alan Thorn

作者 / 读者Top10 游戏开发 电子图书:

  1. by Eric Lengyel / 875Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics, Second Edition
  2. by Paul Steed / 872Modeling a Character in 3DS Max
  3. by Trent Polack / 823Focus On 3D Terrain Programming ( source code)
  4. by Evan Pipho / 822Focus On 3D Models ( source code)
  5. by Mike McShaffry / 815Game Coding Complete
  6. by Richard Williams / 798The Animators Survival Kit: A Manual of Methods, Principles, and Formulas for Classical, Computer, Games, Stop Motion, and Internet Animators
  7. by Michael Morrison / 796Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours
  8. by Stefan Zerbst and Oliver Duvel / 7743D Game Engine Programming
  9. by Mike Dickheiser / 767Game Programming Gems 6
  10. by David Franson, Eric Thomas / 759Game Character Design Complete: Using 3ds Max 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS2

添加时间最新添加 游戏开发 eBooks:

  1. by chm / 2018-03-01Beginning 3D Game Programming
  2. by PDF / 2018-03-01Beginning Facebook Game Apps Development
  3. by PDF / 2018-03-01Beginning Android Games, 3rd Edition
  4. by PDF / 2018-03-01Beginning Game Level Design (Premier Press Game Development)
  5. by PDF / 2018-03-01Beginning Game Programming
  6. by PDf / 2018-03-01Beginning Blender; Open Source 3D Modeling, Animation, and Game Design
  7. by PDf / 2018-03-01Beginning Android Tablet Games Programming
  8. by Raimondas Pupius / 2018-02-26SFML Game Development by Example
  9. by Graeme Stuart / 2017-12-12Introducing JavaScript Game Development; Build a 2D Game from the Ground Up
  10. by Zarrar Chishti / 2017-12-02Cross Over to HTML5 Game Development; Use Your Programming Experience to Create Mobile Games
  11. by Allan Fowler, Philip Chu / 2017-11-28Learn Unity 2017 for iOS Game Development; Create Amazing 3D Games for iPhone and iPad
  12. 2017-11-14Transforming Gaming and Computer Simulation Technologies across Industries (Advances in Multimedia and Interactive Technologies)
  13. 2017-02-11GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges
  14. 2017-02-10GameMaker Game Programming with GML
  15. 2014-05-23TutsPlus - Gaming With the Corona SDK (April 12, 2014) [1 iso]
  16. 2014-04-13Game Design Essentials
  17. 2014-04-10Digital Tutors - Creating a Roman Warrior Agent in Massive Prime
  18. 2014-04-10Digital Tutors - Creating Game Combat Animations in Maya
  19. 2014-04-10Digital Tutors - Indie Game Development Pipeline Volume 9 Final Gameplay and Publication
  20. 2014-04-10Digital Tutors - Indie Game Development Pipeline Volume 8 Finished Asset Integration
  21. 2014-04-10Game Institute - Introduction to Unity for Programmers
  22. 2014-03-30OpenGL ES 3.0 Programming Guide, 2nd Edition
  23. 2014-03-303DMotive Creating 2D Games in Unity 2013
  24. 2014-03-24Beginner C Plus Plus DirectX Game Programming Tutorials
  25. 2014-03-20iPhone Game Development
  26. 2014-03-09Pluralsight - Monetizing GameSalad Games with In App Purchase
  27. by Francis S Hill Jr. and Stephen M Kelley / 2014-01-23[request]Computer Graphics Using OpenGL, 3rd Edition
  28. 2013-12-15Beginning C Game Programming (Premier Press Game Development)
  29. 2013-12-10The Theory of Search Games and Rendezvous
  30. 2013-12-08Build a Game with UDK by Geoff Sholler
  31. 2013-11-19Getting Started with UDK By John P. Doran
  32. 2013-11-17Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics By Tim Fields, Brandon Cotton
  33. 2013-11-16Learn Unity for 2D Game Development
  34. 2013-11-14Pluralsight - Creating Mobile Games with GameSalad
  35. 2013-11-09Game Art Complete: All-in-One: Learn Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, and Photoshop Winning Techniques
  36. 2013-11-02Search Theory - A Game Theoretic Perspective
  37. 2013-10-30Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX By Jim Adams
  38. 2013-10-28Game Development for iOS with Unity3D
  39. 2013-10-18Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games By Clive Fencott, Jo Clay, Mike Lockyer, Paul Massey
  40. 2013-10-18InfiniteSkills - Mobile Game Development with Corona SDK


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